My Story

Cassandra Robertson is a conduit for all things positive.  Her original songs shed light on the unlimited potential of the human spirit, inspiring her audience to revolutionize their own lives.  This Oregon-raised singer/songwriter blends original guitar and vocal melodies that focus on solutions to political and social challenges of our time.  With song topics ranging from quantum physics and organic gardening to stories of community activism, Cassandra’s variety of progressive folk-grass appeals to an array of music fans.    

It has been eight years since Cassandra Robertson’s last CD project Impulse to Dream.  Her brand of “acoustic conscious folk” is now available again in a new CD, Be Yourself.  Her third release is full of bright, socially aware lyrics that take on the challenges of our time with solutions and inspiration.  Be Yourself is a much anticipated collection of conscious and uplifting music.  The album transverses the galaxy of musical styles ranging from bluegrass, to funk, to new age indie pop all the while holding its roots in the singer/songwriter folk traditions. 

“Her rich and unaffected singing voice can bring to mind visions of greats like Joan Baez, and her lyrical poetry reveals those who have influenced her like Holly Near, Pete Seeger and other minstrels whose names will forever be linked to the goals of peace and freedom for people worldwide.” Tacoma Weekly 

Her debut album, The Time is Now was released in August 2006, showcasing Cassandra as a musician with a clear and heartfelt message. Songs such as “Love and Be Loved,” “Awaken to Peace,” and “Finding New Ways” exemplify her songwriting ability to awaken the spirit in all of us and move us to action.   

“Robertson’s depth of serious and earnest appeal can’t be denied.” Eugene Weekly 

Cassandra continues to take her brand of “acoustic conscious folk” music on the road, reaching as many and as diverse of crowds as possible.  She goes out of her way to perform in small communities, often overlooked by many touring acts, to reach the widest and often most excited and unexpectedly receptive audiences.   

“A genuine troubadour of the highest degree, Robertson travels the Northwest making socially conscious acoustic folk music rooted in the 1960s yet updated for our modern times, which sometimes seem to be in about as much of an uproar as they were 40 years ago.” Tacoma Weekly 

Locally, Cassandra supports a number of grassroots organizations by playing for benefits and raising awareness through song.  Local organizations include the Hours Alternative Currency Program, Corvallis Alternatives to War, Corvallis Housing First, and the Corvallis Environmental Center.    

A refreshing departure from traditional sorrowful folk music tales, Cassandra’s performance will enliven any stage, and convey a rare optimism and excitement for life.  Come out and witness for yourself, a truly skilled performer who promises to bring to the stage a memorable and inspiring experience.   

“We’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”   ~The Time is Now